Push Up Bars | Small Parallettes

£29.99 - £39.99
Push Up Bars | Small Parallettes

Adding to the Fundamental Fitness product range are these beautifully made Small Parallettes or P bars.

Amongst the smallest bars you'll find, making them ideal to take with you for training.

Push-up bars offer a range of benefits, including reducing the pressure on your wrists. Using P Bars you can train different muscle groups, help strengthen your grip, work your chest and make you work out more challenging.

Handmade - Solid wooden construction.

Approximate Dimensions:
Beech Hardwood 40mm diameter handle

H= 90mm x W= 115mm x L= 240mm

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These bars can be personalised or branded with an engraved Logo or messaging. Select your personalised option (either one end of each bar or both ends)
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