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Slant Boards

£34.99 - £44.99

Our Slant Boards are perfect for a range of exercises, from stretches to loaded squats. They are also used to improve mobility, stability and reduce tightness and for rehabilitation.
They're also becoming popular to perform more explosive movements as shown. When used dynamically they can enhance balance and reactions as well as strengthen intrinsic muscles of the ankle, feet and toes.


Small stretching/rehab board 400mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 130mm (H)

Medium reinforced squat board 500mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 130mm (H)

Large reinforced squat board 600mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 130mm (H)

Angle 22 Degrees

Contact us for alternative sizes/angles or for details on our laser engraving/personal branding service.

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