Premium Climbing Peg Board

£79.99 - £119.99
Premium Climbing Peg Board

Adding to our Fundamental Fitness product range are these beautifully made Premium Peg boards. These can be found in most public school gymnasiums across America and for good reasons. Wrestlers have used them to build explosive upper body strength for years.
These have been used for decades to increase upper body strength. Similar to using a chinning bar,
peg board training uses the climbers own body weight as resistance.
They are made in the UK with Premium Plywood with holes in differing patterns. You can get a
great workout by using 1 climbing peg board. But, some climbers combine several boards to simulate a rock climbing
situation. By using multiple peg boards users can climb in a side to side motion also.
Our peg boards come complete with 1 set of Ash climbing pegs and mounting hardware.


12 Holes (Contact us for additional holes)

1220mm high x 300mm wide

This item must be fitted securely to a solid wall by a competent person.

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